(KSHB) Kush Bottles Perfect Stock, CANSLIM, Weed Stock

This is a GO BIG AND HOLD stock. I don't see perfect stocks on the OTC markets very often. In fact, I suspect the only reason this stock isn't on the Nasdaq is because it is a weed stock. They don't sell marijuana though, but they probably have plans of entering this sector eventually. They just sell pipes and marijuana paraphernalia, located in California, the 8th largest economy in the world. They are also almost 10 years old now. This stock is a no brainer really. Perfect. The float is perfect; the earnings growth is perfect; the industry is perfect; the buzz is perfect; the volume , perfect; the breakout, again, perfect; the name, perfect; the cup and handle , perfect. Everything about this stock is perfect.

Entry is 3/4th's tomorrow, January 12th, 2017, add the rest on a pull back or on next big volume day. This stock is going to $20 eventually. A perfect long term hold
評論: Not Rebuying this
Picking up the story where you left it. @Pokethebear KSHB
alipipefitter Pokethebear
@Pokethebear, I knew I should have sold when it went parabolic. Sell when you're up big on these little ones is what I've learned over time. Its just such a great stock. Sympathy plays have been kind of meh during this uptick. Not saying I have all the answers, but just know your a little late to the weed stock run
sorry brother but i have never bought a share in my life, when you say my broker who would you be referring to as in where do i find one online or someone you meet personally? would it be possible to buy shares of the company directly from them?
hi there this sounds very interesting , can you find this on cryptopia please or do i need to register on otc? i had never heard of otc before , is it a trading platform for fiat shares only please?

thanks for getting me in touch with mike, he is so amazing
alipipefitter scousertommy
@scousertommy, bro its a stock..............................................................
scousertommy alipipefitter
@alipipefitter, ok i understand that it is a stock, may i please ask you which platform do i have to register on to buy some of this stock because i really love this project very much from the second you mentioned and i would love to be a part of it
alipipefitter scousertommy
@scousertommy, you can buy through your broker. you don't have to register
alipipefitter scousertommy
@scousertommy, otc markets are less regulated markets. they are similar to nasdaq, but the difference is there is less regulatory rules the company has to follow in order to stay listed. nasdaq requires the company to have an active business with a minimum revenue and market cap, otc doesnt. a lot of shell companies and pump and dumps are listed on the otc, so it is much riskier to buy and hold
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