$LEND update; approaching squeeze point, Wedge holding form.

BINANCE:LENDBTC   EthLend / Bitcoin
Almost show time guys. I've tried to include some possible ranges based on my charts (I've been updating this guy since one its early runs, so I know where the support is -- I THINK). Anyway keep an eye out for signals if you're waiting to buy, and if you're in just HODL til we pass that finish line!

I'm not a financial advisor, its just what i'd do.
評論: Signal confirmed, we'll probably bounce back at 1800sats but maybe not. That's a good target if you wanted quick profit, Assuming you hold, targets are
1) 1895k
2) 2300k
3) 2850k
4) 3500k
交易進行: We hit Target (1) but it was earlier than expected. We're nearing the tighter wedge now which should give us more amplitude on the break, hopefully enough to get a run starting. If you're in for the long haul or looking to buy shares, this is probably a good time -- just do your own research
Looks good Thx...Only the amount of dotted lines, and the big shapes make it hard to take a quick look at chart :).....but still noticed it is goin up :)
i agree with u 100%
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