Legend has it.

BITTREX:LGDBTC   Legends / Bitcoin
I always find it interesting how easily people jump on hype train. What I mean by that is how many people are talking about Verge now because of its run up. Before that, everyone was talking Cardano. Before that, it was Iota. But you barely see that around anymore. What I am trying to get at is. People in this market are only looking to make gains and spread information they heard from another person. Not many validation, which is hazardous. They will hype up something only because it is a trend right now. They're the same people to not realize when something is over extended. You have to find the big players, before the play actually happens. If you checked my post on Verge before its run up (linked below), you would know that a lot of people were talking crap about it. It's like that nerd in the classroom no one wants to be friend with, until they see him do something cool. Anyways, enough ranting. I see an opportunity in this coin, as it has not got a run up like other coins. It show signs of a potential move up into 3 zones. This one will be a long hold, for at least 1 month before we see some action. People always ask me about timing, but time is not a variable I like to use. You can't predict the market, you can only try to forecast it.

Buy Entry: 10k Sat
Targets are indicated on the chart with the green box.

What are your thoughts?

Trade with care.
Be careful. I would watch it after new years. The hype train is on it now but only until then. Look at the Mcgregor fight date (aug 26) all the hype before that and the big drop in price.
AbdorhmanThi CryptoRod
@CryptoRod, We are going back there fam.
CryptoRod AbdorhmanThi
@AbdorhmanThi, yeah I think so. It also dropped as fast as it went up.
@CryptoRod, The show will be on tomorrow...Guess it will rise ..Im still holdin
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