LOMOCOIN LMC/BTC Trading Oppurtunity Trend and Growth

BITTREX:LMCBTC   Lomocoin / Bitcoin
LomoCoin LMC             is a Chinese Coin. Something Good News Coming Sonn I hope, but not sure.
On This Chart, I Clearly Mentioned When to Buy and When To Sell.
If it Breaks then Buy.
Chances to Break out soon.(As of Now am Watching This)
LMC/BTC in 4hr Chart analysis.
Before Invest Do Your Own Research,
Don't Follow My Target, Target Is Open to everyone. Calculate Your Risk Capability.( Some Time It's Not Achieve the Target But Closer, So don't be greedy)

Tip Highly Appreciate :
BTC             - 3HcdJgjqEMyUGaHRx2sHz5NwRrwNihJTfc
ETH- 0xE3E311a90b0d0A4076652E70790c3d62868d6024
LTC - LT9LxFhMaWgSutw1K21Cyzp4UCHA9BA6ut

Note: I'm Not A Financial Advisor.Invest at your own Risk.
Thank You
For Telegram help@pro_tradeer.
I am hodling LMC and went up from 300 to 2300 and back 900 still holding.... Really stupid, what do you expect.. it will go up again or? its done for next 5 months
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