95% gains in under a month, while you were distracted

BINANCE:LRCBTC   Loopring / Bitcoin
As we fill our tradingview and twitter feeds with pseudo-insights... we increase our chances of missing what goes on behind the scenes. We assume that because someone claims they are better than us at TA or research... we shouldn't even bother doing our own research. As a I've campaigned for a long time about Loopring on multiple platforms, I've noticed a strong lack of interest by the general population mainly because of my like of following.

That's okay. I have a degree in computer science. It has helped me map out the claims and the credibility of the projects and coins out there. Loopring has always fell into a impressive category as a protocol. With that being said, Loopring has promised strong and steady returns while being resistant to pump and dumps. I am grateful it gets ignored by many top investors because that brings in a layer of strong support by investors that hope to hold.

I will gladly dive more into this fruitful trading approach if this post gets more attention.
My top 3 alt also. I have never even tried to sell in case it runs away from me.
gcox Zubiz
@Zubiz, You are a wise person. Well done! Stay disciplined like that and it will take you further than others.
Why it gets ignored? I'm also a big LRC fan. In my top 3, bought at 6c. However, I also felt the pain when it slammed down from approx 2/3 dollar
gcox Matthijs1989
@Matthijs1989, it gets ignored for many reasons. One being that it is not a hype-coin. The people that back it act like investors rather than traders. They want to see the project succeed.
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