Touching Triangle and Fibonacci levels - 300BTC Wall on Poloniex

POLONIEX:LSKBTC   Lisk / Bitcoin
Some Whales put 300BTC into BUY orders for LIsk, seems they are preparing the DIP to buy all market and rise.

It i already more Buy orders 1.1mil LSK than Sell orders 1.02mil LSK on Exchanges like Poloniex and Bittrex.
評論: Theoretically it must go down till 0.0001 as of head-shoulder pattern.

But as it was many times before everything works in opposite as of FOMO crypto tradares do not care about trends and simply buying any Alt coin with 30% dip ...
交易結束:達到停損點: All Supports at 0.00006 is broken.
Danger to fall till 0.000055 and most possibly till 0.00005 btc
評論: As I predicted - Classical patterns work in crypto in opposite and we are there where I was predicting.

There will be another dip to 0.0001
評論: HUSTON we have a PROBLEM
#lisk $LSK has a technical limitation - money could be stolen
One of my favorite coins, bought the deep and sold on 150k Satoshi, hope you are right about correction before the rebranding.
I dont think we will see any significant gains on this shitcoin. it's the biggest shitcoin of them all for now
viparmenia revengcorps
@revengcorps, LISK is not a shit coin, it i simply under massive speculations.
It is real and made in Germany.
In February they are going to release a platform that could replace Ether for at least Web Page developers.
revengcorps viparmenia
well.. in that case it's a real shitcoin till February then.. watch it lose 60% more from current price
viparmenia revengcorps
@revengcorps, if resistance at 0.00005 will not hold, it could fall even more
revengcorps viparmenia
it won't hold.. every day it will lose 10-15% of it's open price so it will go all the way to 20s . it's rampaging my portfolio so much that I dont even look at it any more and the only good thing it has done to me so far is that it made me uninstall blockfolio app. every now and then I look at it's pathetic price action on tradingview and unload my anger in swearing words. I will try to break even on this after long long time from now and I will never EVER!!!! touch it again
viparmenia revengcorps
@revengcorps, not the lisk is losing his price - it is still arround $7.5, but bitcoin is increasing.

You sound like a one who blames that Microsoft stocks are less performing than Apple or Tesla.
some fun doesn't hurt :)
Because in Cryprto everyting works in opposit :)
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:))))))) Head and Shoulders. Why Up, if it is head and shoulders?
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