Lisk 2017/2018 - very bullish

POLONIEX:LSKBTC   Lisk / Bitcoin
Did you know that if you put Lisk in your Lisk wallet and vote for 101 delgates you receive free Lisk(money!)!?
You can earn 22.6% interest per month if you specifically vote for these members:
評論: Sorry for my mistake:

the 22% is annual return
I wish this fucker would moon like that. I have feeling that the opposite will happen. As was the case with LTC's SEGWIT WOW FUCKERS FOMO and RIpple's FUCK YEAH SWELLS CONFERENCE BANKSTERS MOON hype, I think so too will LSK's SDK MOON frenzy crush the moon dreams of the all too hopeful LSK HODL in a violent and merciless dump around the ATH area. I can't see LSK going beyond 0.0017 but I hope I'm wrong. I hope the case of buy the SDK rumor sell the news doesn't occur because I have 70% in LSK and I will most likely HODL even if LSK crashes because I am emotionally attached to my investments and am resultantly incapable of selling at the top. My moon dreams are indomitable.
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timeline stated by Max in video of august 2017

Upcoming Lisk events 2017:
- Lisk Core version 1.0 (august)
- Lisk rebranding (september)
- Lisk SDK alpha release (november/december)

Upcoming Lisk events 2018:
- LiskHQ side chain(s) - Lis identity management
- Native mobile client
- Lisk application platform:
* ICO marketplace
* Delegate marketplace
* Decentralised exchange
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n0xTrader jostitrade
@jostitrade, Already delayed
I agree with this chart, but don't agree with the timeframes.

LSK = $6-12 late 2017 (after rebranding and releasing alpha version of the SDK)
LSK = $30-50 mid or late 2018 (After releasing Finale version of the SDK and mobile wallets)
LSK = $100-200 in long-term (After becoming mainstream)

All of the above said, nothing is written in stone. But I'm hopeful because of the team, max's vision, marketing and the way Lisk's team talk about making everything SIMPLE. simplicity is why Apple inc. in the top company in the world, and it seems max is really focused on the way Steve Jobs did business. if Lisk is going to make Ethereum OBSOLETE, every aspect of Lisk User Experience needs to be as SIMPLE as possible.
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AshSaid NimaDgr
I was thinking like you with other coins , " It will be huge but after a long time" and that was wrong.
Didn't you see what happened in last few months ? most of Alt coins dubled 10X- 25X in just a couple of weeks
We are just waiting round 4 or maybe 5 , you will see massive new investors coming soon .
monsRUS NimaDgr
@NimaDgr, super.
回覆 new interview with Max Kordeck (Ceo) about future Lisk milestones
is the 22.6% monthly or annual return, its like i saw annual return in the link
NimaDgr buchiochad
@buchiochad, the 22% is annual return.
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buchiochad NimaDgr
@NimaDgr, OK, @jostitrade needs to change the heading of this post. it reads monthly
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