Lisk Investment Strategy

POLONIEX:LSKBTC   Lisk / Bitcoin
Very bullish on lisk next year, currently seeing some consolidation from a hefty 2200% increase but I think we're ready to bounce off this 2nd line of support very soon so long as the re-branding is released, if not we will certainly see a bounce off the first line of support.

With the re-branding due this month I think we're going to see a small bounce off the 2nd line of support, no higher than the down trend until December.

My strategy for lisk:
1. 40% buy in on the 2nd line of support (Thin green line), if it bounces before hitting the first line I will re-evaluate my position without giving in to FOMO (Fear of missing out)
2. 60% buy in with a max of 15% stop loss on entry on the 1st line of support (Thick green line)

Skim profits at: 75000sats - 5%
95000sats - 5%
Top of the descending trend line 20%

I will reinvest 100% of skimmed profits/investment every time it hits the 2nd line of support using a stop loss placed within 15% of my entry price (2nd line of support). Once the SDK is released I will re-evaluate a few targets to withdraw my initial investment and keep the rest riding long term, ultimately making lisk a risk free trade whilst I skim profits regularly and re-invest on golden opportunities that we will be sure to see time and time again. Lisk will be a solid asset to hold onto in years to come so long as you skim your initial investment to minimize risk, I cannot stress this enough in the crypto market.

If you wish to become a delegate I recommend doing so before December as it will become very pricey soon after. Becoming a delegate is similar to dividend payouts on the stock market, only difference is it will take some research into becoming a serious money making machine (Top delegates). It currently costs 25 lisk to register.

Best of luck and always remember - If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!
評論: Not entering on the 2nd line of support as originally planned, bitcoin is on an incredible bull run right now after the CME Group Inc.’s announcement of a possible futures contract with bitcoin. If this happens we may see alts go to hell, as soon as you see this announcement I highly recommend liquidating any losses into bitcoin even if you're in a hefty loss. Ease of access + No spending limits = The beginning of mass adoption into bitcoin! Watch closely.
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