LSK/USD Analysis and Buy Signal 8th Feb, 2018

POLONIEX:LSKUSD   Lisk / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Buy range: $22-$25
Sell range: $30-$45
HODL: till infinity


Elliot Wave Theory
Doji morning Star
Bullish Engulfing Candle

Lisk (LSK) began its Elliot 5/3 wave on the 4th Nov, 2017 and completed its one to five (1-5) bullish wave at $33. 81 on the 7th Jan, 2018. It then embarked on a bearish three (3) waves ABC correction from $33.81 to $14.73. As at time of writing, LSK is trading between $18-$24 range.

A look at MACD on the daily chart , LSK looks ready for another bullish trend which resumed with 2 day bullish Engulfing candle and a Doji Morning star candle.

CAVEAT: The analysis is based on my opinion and trading decisions. Good luck and trade with caution

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