LSK - long-term over 250% yield potential?

BITTREX:LSKUSD   Lisk / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Hi guys!

We might be in a first ABC correction right now, and the C vawe is forming.
If so, we might expect to fall down a little more, maybe to Fibonacci 0,236lvl, which is at ~10USD. And this might be our buy zone.

The Lisk team leaders are planning some minor meetings in march, but i don't expect this would affect the price significantly.
First meaningful event is scheduled on 14th April (Lisk Core 1.0b) and i think we can expect the price surges then.
If so, the first target based on Fibonaci levels might be at 67-70 USD. Buying now, at 18-19USD is 250% yield potential.

And please remember - this information is not a recommendation to start a long position. It's for educational purposes only.
Share with me your thoughts please :)
評論: Are you here? We're entering in our buy zone :)
評論: We're heading to the bottom of our buy zone. I've marked the bottom at ~6USD because this is the place when we should have a strong support. This price levels held us in 11/2017 and we shouldn't fall any lower.

But you should be watching bitcoin. We may fall down even to ~3k USD
Hope we won't ;)

But if we will, next major support lvls for LSK are ~5,5USD, then ~3,6USD.
These prices are a real bargain for me but you should have your own plan and stick to it
評論: Ok guys. Seems to be spotted perfectly. But still all depends on Bitcoin. If we're ok with BTC then i think this is an accumulation zone what is really good. Accumulation zone is a place/moment when so called "smart money" come in. Investors buy shares slowly in small portions to not increase the price rapidly. We should see the sideway movements for a while, and if this is the end of cryptomarket correction we will be going up. But don't expect ~70 USD in 2 weeks ;)

I'd say buy and wait, but this is your decision and you should have your own plan and stick to it. You should never invest money that you can't afford to lose!
lisk will reach MINIMUM 350 $$ this Q4 2018 (SCREEN SHOT) .
there is no fix date for core release by the way, please correct me with a link.
@dawolv, developers said that open beta should be relased within 4-6 weeks. There's also an event scheduled at http://www.coinmarketcal.com pointing on 14th April (or earlier). But you're right - there's no fix date
dawolv JimmyHodl
@JimmyHodl, you know what to expect us;) another delay message .... somehow I'm almost sure. But long term I see ourselves again at 30-40 $ +. I'll buy the $ 18-19 with a let loose stop order $ 1.50.
I am not a trader i love just lisk maybe i am also naive but i love lsk since i have shopped at 6-10 $, regardless of the gain. The relaunch event was just super organized and went well. Sorry for my english
@dawolv, i think we just need some time and the price will hit 30-40USD again. Next bullrun may get us to ~70USD :)
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