Lisk #LSKUSD - in interesting demand zone, will it rally?

BITTREX:LSKUSD   Lisk / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Since the misfire with the conference of cryptocurrencies LISK, where the main event was to show a new logo, the price is slowly but surely overcoming successive levels of support.

The last important level was $ 12.00, which was also stamped. Currently, the price is closer to the level of $ 10.00, which falls already in the demand zone . This zone extends between levels $ 6.50 - $ 10.00 and previously behaved like market support.

From the point of view of the Elliott wave theory, the current declines may be coming to an end, because the downward (W) (X) (Y) (X) (Z) folded over time and in the large wave cycle (A) may be at the end . Until the end of this cycle, the wave of a smaller cycle, ie the wave C from the wave (Z) would have been missing.

Potential increases, however, do not seem to be impulsive, because the upward wave will be the wave (B) of the downward cycle. Setting the target level at $ 21.75 is quite optimistic in itself.

Please note that after the end of the wave (B), unfortunately, but it will be time for more drops in the wave (C).
lisk will reach MINIMUM 350 $$ this Q4 2018 (SCREEN SHOT) .
Are we going to 6,5$ now or?

8,2$ for this moment.
after a year of observing all tracers, I've found that everyone is smart after the fact or the forecast is either down or up sometimes to the side .... so it's like it is and people will continue to lose $
hi ,good analysis but all crypto now are slaves of btc they all aproximately have the same graph ,if bitcoin falls they all falls (altcoins)...
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@alistorm05, It was always the case and I can not say You are wrong. On the bitcoin there is a possibility of another rally higher as well.
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