Perhaps we can see the growth of litecoin, following the growth of the monero and dash. On the chart, I noticed that the downtrend was broken. I also discovered a 3 divergence with the MASD, RSI and MOM oscillators. Looking at MOM, we can see an earlier beginning of the divergence. The price went down, and MOM is gradually up. This indicates that someone was accumulating coins at low prices, and now we can also see an increase in volume .
Under my assumptions, the price can go to the level of 0.0178 BTC , sometimes pausing. MOM looks up, this indicates that purchases are more active, MASD has done a cross-up, RCI is above 50, which speaks of the strength of bulls.
I recommend closing deals in parts.

buy 0.0105
take profit 0.013-0.0178
stop loss 0.0073

Guys, be careful! Happy Trading
評論: ROC turned up and it looks like the RCI is also preparing for a reversal. Nevertheless, the candles are still downward and the MACD bearish. We continue trading and follow the plan.
評論: I'm still waiting for traffic

評論: now I recommend trading to the dollar
I would like to know (if you could inform me).. With a coin such as LTC I have noticed the 24hr Volume has steadily been decreasing from $350m to half that and currently at $170m, however, the price has stayed relatively stable. I am presuming that it means that although the volume has dropped it means less people are buying and selling? What would happen if 24hr volume was on $0 would the price stable the same? What does 24hr volume really indicate? If there is $500m being brought and sold but in exactly equal amounts it would still mean the price fluctuates but always stays at the same price right?
@unfamiliars, Very good question.
answer your question you can find in the historical information. look at the history of trades and compare the effects of the recession-growth of volume on the price)
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