LTCBTC (12h): Above the strong support line and more up...

Litecoin has always stayed above the important support line. Is now the time when Litecoin is growing faster than Bitcoin? The TA looks good.

Let's see what happens. Happy trading. :-)
評論: LTCBTC (D): close up... ok. next step up possible.

評論: LTCBTC (D): close up... up as expected.

評論: LTCBTC (D): maybe a broadening wedge ...

評論: LTCBTC (D): chart update ... direction as expected.

評論: LTCBTC (D): Lets see ... nice situation.

評論: LTCBTC (D): Next chance for an outbreak. What a signal.

評論: LTCBTC (D): Chart update. Litecoin keeps us waiting. But the upswing is coming.

評論: LTCBTC (D): Chart update. upswing possible ...



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@weslad, thx. nice one. :-)
ltc is making higher highs and higher lows on the dayly time frame, which is great and shows bullishmomentum. It onky needs btx to show strengh and buyers are waiting to see btc to hold its 7700sh support and brake its 10k resostamce... in that case i see no trouble for ltc to brake its 0.020 btc price easily...
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btcinvests brvno.sampaio
@brvno.sampaio, right :-)
Great, lets see :D
btcinvests BrunoDanteSampaio
@BrunoDanteSampaio, yes. :-)
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