Give me the money Charlie

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Who knows, lets pump LTC :D
評論: Btw friends I am still a novice, so take anything on my chart with a grain of salt :D.
評論: Maybe that was our local bottom for LTC for now back on the 15th
Many of the Altcoins have stated picking up but not LTC. IMHO this coin is still going down for a while before / if it goes up.
@Wetdog544, Hey thanks for the comment! I usually don't publish my charts to much but thank you since others opinions are for sure valued. I'm hoping LTC gets another banging run to really amp up alts like it started in last Nov. If we go lower I don't see ltc/btc price dropping much lower as FA wise LTC is not worth as little as some of the more bearish targets I have seen thrown around.
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