LTC long term investment. How to trade x/BTC pairs now.

Alright. BTC is plunging so average holder of this coin would like to accumulate as much BTC as he could in case of BTC's future rallies. I strongly believe that crypto space is the future of world's tech pool, but now blind longs don't make sense. Hopefully, We will get all of these coins at cheap prices once again. It sounds unbelievable, how it even works.
I do not advice to hold any coin right now, but If You play long term there You should look for good short and collect BTC .

LTC/BTC short will bring profits, but it will be slow and draining process. I expect meeting with 0.008 once again.
Fiboncacci floors as profit taking areas.
Entry: 0.0171
Stop loss: 0.0185 (every SMA 20 crossing should activate 'red button' alert, where stronger tick would trigger it)

I do not trade alts versus BTC right now, this post has been created for traders that are in doubt sitting on bunch of BTC without a purpose.
評論: SMA 50 retested. If You don't feel comfortable with this trade You could stop right now. However I see momentum falling and would leave stop active at 0,0185.
評論: gosh, this is horizontal resistance, not vertical.
I apologize for my distraction.
手動結束交易: Well, I don't feel comfortable with this trade while BTC is the biggest unknown at these days. IMO We could look for good long term investment that could multiple gains through new uptrend cycle that is ahead.
Do you mean danger by going up¿?
pinfkloyd babyjungle
@babyjungle, indeed, clear closing above SMA 20 would pour uncertainty in this trade. Once triggered, I will update this idea using more tools to specify issue closer.
I like your chart,and I have followed you. I hope you can Follow Me at the same time.
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