LTC/EUR possible reversal for the next few days

Hi everyone,

Still learning and attempting to spot a bullish momentum starting tomorrow.

Price found a support and is going sideways following the top yellow trendline
CCI (20) is oversold at -68 and also shows signs of support along the trendline for the past 5/6 days. CCI is oversold for about a month now
EOM (14) is negative (-12) which means the price has a hard time to decrease. Eom is also negative for quite a while already and slowly goes back up
TSI(20,7) is below 0 for a long time and has rebounded 5 days ago, also looking for support and has finally crossed up (-41/-42)
Additionally, we can see HA candles exhaustion after a 4 days downtrend.

Looking back, I found (I think I found like all newbies) the same rebound, support, TSI cross and HA candles formation beginning of February.

Right now, I only use the tradingview crypto screener to estimate LTC global Volume . But I have studied Gdax Volume for the past 3 months. It seems that LTC/EUR/USD, BTC/USD and LTC/BTC volume have all reach bottom as well.

If volume rises tomorrow, we'll have a few green candles . I wish i could tell you the weather for tomorrow, right about now, add a stop loss at €91/92 and take profit at €108/112 but dont!

I appreciate all feedback

This post is only for educational purposes.

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