I made a chart and i realized it was a bit short! Excuse me for that. This trend is a bit bigger!

I think we will hit the lowest point around the end of January or the beginning of February!

Keep it in your mind!


Let me know what you think in the comments!

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交易進行: Still going strong!
交易進行: We had a small pattern up, but we see that's going down again!
交易進行: Be patience!
交易進行: I think we will see a pullback
取消訂單: We are out of the trend! The market was to bullish to follow it. we will see a small pull back now and after that a back raise
交易進行: Very stupid that i cancelled the call!!! It's is still going one! From this point we won't go very much lower. Good buy moment is now
交易進行: We are more than active right now! Don't go sit and wait if this is the major bubble crash because that's bullshit! I made this chart faaaaaaaarrr before this dip was coming!

+ check this chart!

評論: Thank me later
交易進行: I am waiting for the "W-pattern" right now! Keep your eyes on the chart that I posted on the update above this post! The SALE is almost over!
交易進行: So everyone who used this chart to trade with, we will have a run up inn february!
評論: Watch Litecoin carefully...

- The chart is telling me that it will have a breakout upwards or downwards.
- From that point it will go sideways

Scenario 1:

We will see massive support at 130$ if it goes downwards. From that point it will probably go sideways. Charging for a massive break-out upwards.

Scenario 2:

After the triangle we will see a break-out upwards. I think that when this happens that i won't raise for a long time. It also would go sideways.

What i am going to do:

I am gonna sell a part of my portofolio if we see a raise. I will buy in lower.

Hopefully you liked my update, leave a thump up and let me know what you think!
looks like you were still right! @MFINITI @bigstock2001 check the chart again! Big pullback after that break out
jurrecb shadooo
@shadooo, AHAHAA later
I apologize ahead of time, but this chart is a crock of cow manure. LTC will have the fully functional credit card via LitePay by February. Price is not going to drop down to $149. This is pure FUD.
jurrecb MFINITI
@MFINITI, Oke first of all thank you for the comment! Second thing, I am not basing my chart on the news, I following the pattern that it already walked before! So the third thing, I am definitely not creating any fud, I am not saying it will go down to the 149$, to be honest, I don't even see where you get this number from? The target is way higher!
MFINITI jurrecb
@jurrecb, My apologies. I am still new at analyzing the charts and investor predictions. I misinterpreted the blue rectangle you drew. Can you tell me what the blue rectangle means? Any help so I can learn more would be much appreciated.
jurrecb MFINITI
@MFINITI, it is just the absolute bottom! For example for people when they are scared that it will drop even more. It's no problem!
jurrecb MFINITI
@MFINITI, you see!
I think you will be absolutely correct I expect LTC to continue to move fast upwards about the time end of Jan is when coinbase is looking at adding new coins a suspect a huge portion of LTC money went into XRP and this is why you did not see it come back into LTC when BCH was added on coinbase. So now that BCH has settled ripple has climbed money is safely flowing into lTC which is extremely undervalued. It will get pushed back up coinbase adds more coins that are a ton cheaper newbie money dumps from lTC temporarly and pushes it back down to your lows in your time frame. LOL Just a theory. But it is very possible. Either way I will ride the ride up and once it gets close to the new coins coming who ever they are I will set myself up to buy LTC again on the clearance rack. Because the long run LTC will be over 1k in 2018 IMO Good luck all.
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jurrecb bigstock2001
@bigstock2001, haha wow! Thanks, I don't check news that much, just the patterns, I like the view! I think it's also interesting for you to watch XMR! Hopefully we are right
sxsess jurrecb
@jurrecb, thanks jurrecb... Great job! I feel LTC is headed back to upper 360's. GLTA
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