Litecoin #LTCUSD - +130% possible after the breakout

The price of LTCUSD is still trading inside of the corrective zone, between the levels of $230 - $304. In order to move higher in price, the market must break out above the level of $304 first, then test the level of $380 and attack the swing high at $420. The next nice take profit level for the up wave if at $600, which would gibe a +130% for someone who bought the LTCUSD in the correction zone.
Otherwise, the market will continue to move sideways.
Any violation of the level of $144.00 invalidates the bullish impulsive scenario.

評論: Another reversal from the trendline resulted in breakout through local support at $206. Nevertheless, the kay support is still at $144. The R/R/ ratio is now even higher - 200%.
取消訂單: Still no breakout to the upside.
Still the golden trend line provides the key resistance.
Three corrective waves have been done, but it is quite possible the market is doing two more corrective waves: D and E in a triangle formation wave 4. Time will tell.
BTC & LTC chart are almost mirrored! Follow the money :p
when BTC bounces back, so will LTC!
where does she go from here recent low of the tail?
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LTC is all about transactions, therefore they don't push to increase the price. A stable price is more welcome for the potential trading platforms interested in implementing crypto (amazon, aloexpress, ebay etc)
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still going to upside?
Thank you so much.
Thanks for the charting!
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