In T-3 days Litecoin will blast off!


Ok my crypto trading friends, you know that I don't post often here. But when I do something big is around the corner. This time is no different. In less than 3 days, I am predicting that little brother Litecoin is going to start his rockets and lift off. I don't make these calls often. In fact, I don't really like reading these ideas on TV because it seems so many noobs just like to post a chart and call for the moon. So this makes me somewhat of a hypocrite now that I am posting this. And I realize this. But I think you all should know that something big is right around the corner for our little brother. But sometimes rockets blow up. In other words, I could be wrong. If I am, we'll drop like a rock. I don't think that will happen.

Either way, I don't think I'll be trading this one. I've bought here and I'll hold for a long time now. If you are looking to trade, your first target should be $161-172. Above that $219. Higher than that is $258.

Peace and happy trading my crypto friends.

First time since December we're out of the triange! Now, also crossing a major, major trendline (GREEN). This is hugely bullish! Prepare to engage rockets!

Just closed and opened above the GREEN trendline. This is huge!
評論: I know I originally posted targets of 161,172, and 219 for traders. I am revising these targets due to newly discovered data. I am now not sure we will make these targets. In fact, I have started to sell and take profits already. See my latest post here:

I will be closing this post now.
What would be the first target to take profits?
@HEYO22, Levels are outlined in second paragraph.
In three days..everything will blast off..but not to the moon..just into the clouds.. probably a nice post-tax consumer-level push, then possibly another quick crash until after June's business quarterlies...along with the rest of the market.
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@arthax0r, I don't disagree. And that is one reason I also gave the shorter term levels to trade.
so what is big around the corner? I'm long and full in so I won't be trading, but nice to know what's up.
@reubenw, I believe, as the commenter above already stated, it is a mix of post-tax consumer push combined with wealth Muslim fundamentalist getting the green light and now entering the market. But I don't really follow the news as much as I pay attention to technicals, as I believe that news is almost always downstream from technicals. So in terms of news, I can't answer for sure (what I've suggested is merely speculation). In terms of what the charts are telling me, something big HAS to occur after breaking out of such an extended consolidating triangle, etc., etc.
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