LTC Cup & Handle Into Support Zone

LTC had a great run the past couple days, coming up to $307 just before forming an ascending triangle . Many were hoping for a break upwards to continue the run to previous $360, (myself included). Although this didn't happen immediately we can see here that LTC is pulling back into a previous support zone with sharp tails which led to strong bounces in the past. Not to mention, Charlie Lee tweeted just one day ago: "For the next release of Litecoin reference client, we will reduce the relay fees from 0.001 LTC/kb ($0.30/kb) to 0.00001 LTC ($0.003/kb). We hope to have that out next week. Once people are using the new relay fees, we will reduce the actual min fee to 0.0001 LTC/kb ($0.03/kb)." This is an important catalyst for LTC growth and we haven't seen it's full effect play out yet. Once LTC falls below $260 demand will increase heavily, pushing price up to previous all time high. From there I believe that we will see a pullback, consolidation, and epic stretch to $500.
looking good so far!
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