LTCUSD Bullish impulse and Bullish Crab pattern

Hey guys i noticed this pattern on LTCUSD and thought to count it too.
The bearish correction seems to be over therefore i would recommend buying it.
First target shall be the minute wave 3 (purple) with projection of 1.618 at price 155.40
Will update to see how it goes, goodluck!

Wave 4 entered price territority of Wave 1 in the lower degree therefore it is not an impulse wave.
My count was wrong and the trade is closed on this spot.

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評論: Comment: The rally up was indeed an impulse which reached 161.8 Fibo as wave 3 should reach and then 200 fibo for wave 5. But i see that as C correction wave which was finished and the downtrend continues now.
Goodluck guys!
I have a buy signal in almost all time frames, thats so uncommon but depends of BTC
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crikz firestorm1

This is how i see bitcoin right now (i dont trade cryptos though and dont know the correlation with LTC , forgive me that )
It's not confirmed count yet but for now its valid (I dont think it started uptrend , correction is not over yet)

All the market follows BTC either way it goes, BTC looks close to the top before a decent pullback.
crikz firestorm1
in that case i must be wrong on one of my counts then :)
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