Litecoin, A great trading opportunity in LTCUSD. Don't miss it!!

Trading suggestion:
Price is in the support zone (231.76 to 198.04), traders can set orders based on Daily-Trading-Opportunities (Price Action) and expect to reach short-term targets.

.Beginning of entry zone (231.76)
.Ending of entry zone (198.04)

Take Profit:
TP1= @ 286
TP2= @ 307
TP3= @ 330
TP4= @ 375
TP5= @ Free

Technical analysis:
. Relative strength index ( RSI ) is 52.
.Current short-term is range bound, but resumption of uptrend is expected.
評論: Litecoin
Waiting for confirmation of uptrend in LTCUSD !!


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great explanatory. thx.
Yuriki htgorgulu
@htgorgulu, Yes, it's an almost ideal explanation and design. Many thanks to the author!
@Yuriki, Thanks for your feedback.
@htgorgulu, You're welcome, thanks.
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