LTC/USD: Breakout potential for 20–36% profit short term!!!

Check out that sexy consolidation wedge formation. This naughty bull flag give us a potential to breakout of 20% profit from today's values to 265 USD (Fibonacci retrace resistance) and the bull flag target for full breakout potential of 36% profit from today's values up to 300 USD. There's always a possibility that the breakout will not consolidate higher, and thats why you need to watch the charts to be sure the trade is a good idea.

Also, Litepay this month baby!!!!

Thanks for looking, and if you're confused just HODL !!!

I like Litecoin and I can not lie
You other traders can't deny
That when coin comes in with an itty bitty fee
And fast transactions in your face
You get sprung...

Personal disclaimer:

Don't take any of my published ideas as reality. Always make educated decisions before doing anything with your investments. Use my charts for educational purposes only. Trade at your own risk.
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What should newbie trader do afret the breakout - just buy on the market price or what is the plan ?
copa1079 mir-igor
@mir-igor, market price is always good to get in for the long term (i.e. HODLing). If you’re looking to do day or week trades I would suggest you do a lot more research before investing, and know what the risks are, and where to set your stop losses and limit orders.
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