Pair is in a range
Price is in-between the 50 sma & 100 sma
Breakouts of those ma's price will go to the range top/bottom
Breakouts at range top/bottom
Take profit at previous fractal highs/lows and swing high/low
評論: Must be some dollar strength. Pair is having a bearish breakout of range bottom.
i think down..
@jamikr, Thanks. What are your thoughts why a bearish bias?
@jamikr, Don't quit your day job.
+1 回覆
jamikr AmericanGreed
@AmericanGreed, LOL I'M STILL A BEGINNER. for sure. lol lol . but lets see! it will all depend likely on what happens to BTC anyway. i'm predicting it goes down here for a while.... not to 8 but maybe 10. 7 weeks out. who knows.
jamikr jamikr
@jamikr, by that obviously i mean BTC and this is pegged pretty much overall (correlated is better word) that.. number. i am waiting to pick up a shit ton of litecoin when i think it hits bottom btw
@jamikr, Great, thanks for sharing your ideas. That's the purpose of Trading View. It let's us all see the picture at different views and they are all of value. I don't have a bias so I appreciate understanding these different views.
JimJupiter1327 AmericanGreed
@AmericanGreed, why you gotta be a jerk... be nice, teach us if you know more
Teruss2 JimJupiter1327
@JimJupiter1327, well said
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