LTC - The Utilitarian use of LTC and my Epiphany!

I have a general rule in investing. I only invest in products I use. Take apple for instance. I have an apple phone so I invest in apple . I shop at Kohls , so I own the stock. Walmart is good for everything from an oil change, fishing tackle, and potato chips so I shop there and own the stock. You can not walk into a Home Depot without walking out with a 3M product. So I own both! Bottom line the products I use every day are the companies I want to own.

I didn't realize it until today, but I use Litecoin' more than any other coin. Sure I use bitcoin for buying BTC/XXX on exchanges, but I use Litecoin as a utility! Ok I'm not the sharpest rock in the pile, but I still have some sharp edges.

It started with being on last night shopping for a dog sweater, and sure enough they accept Litecoin'! For a split second I was like, ohhh I can use my Litcoin'. Now I didn't use it, but the thought did entered my mind and the coin that popped up was Litecoin'. Wow talk about subliminal marketing!

So today I was closing out some trades and transferring my litecoin back to the main hub, selling back to USD', but then stopped, thought for a moment, struggled with my inner self and emotions, and that is when I had the Ephiphany! I decided to sell off some BCH' to get to my 30% cash position because I did NOT want to sell all that litecoin'. Call me a hypocrite! But rules are rules (70/30) and I use litecoin more than BCH'. Sorry Roger but the truth is the truth.

LTC is cheap, its quick, DONE! When I want to go to that rogue exchange to buy that speculative coin for a trade the first thing that comes to my mind is "how much litecoin do I have". As much as I was hammering LTCinc I realized today that I have become goldbug1LTC! I should have realized this after the last dip when I sold out of LTC and afterwards was like "crap that was stupid" because I actually use it and ended up buying it back! DOHHH!!!!. The trolls will be all over this, but hey, being wrong is one thing, admitting and correcting it is another. I have no problem admitting when I am wrong and I'm not going to be dishonest.

Old habits are hard to break. This is why I still drink Yuengling, why I still buy Charmin, why I use only tide. I have added LTC to my list of things never to be out of with toilet paper. I could use BCH' but I don't, it just doesn't "feel" right. I'm sure I am not the only one.

This gives LTC' a psychological advantage or FMA.

Once people get familiar with something they seldom change. This does not mean I'm a BCH' or Dash' hater. But five months after entering the cryptosphere I find I use Litecoin' more than any other coin, and almost used it for my first purchase at Using LTC' has become habitual and I can not live with out it! There you go, at the right place at the right time and sometimes its better to be lucky then good. Does anyone use anything other than LTC' to transfer money (other than ETH' tokens)?

So I have updated my chart for LTC' which isn't much. We can go higher from here but I believe we get a minor pull back as well, its 50/50 in my opinion which is why I closed out trades. Ideally the yellow box is where I want to start to build a long-term position if we do pull back here, but I will be ready to trade a breakout.There are some lower target levels, but it will be short lived so I have already placed my buy orders. Its like stocking up on coke during a Piggly Wiggly BOGO sale, I do not want to miss it. Nobody knows where the market may go, but when trading, I never hesitate to take profits when I can as I posted earlier today.

This does NOT mean they do not need to tighten it up at LTCinc. They do! Now even more than ever because I'm extra long litecoin! Someone tweet this to Charlie Please! I think he blocked me ;)

Sometimes we need a little Epiphany! For the record I am market neutral.
Great job!
Nailed it sir @goldbug1, bravo!
we are waiting for update pls
any updates please!
Any updates Mr Goldbug? :)
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Litecoin drifted a little bit lower during the trading session on Wednesday, as we are reaching towards the $230 level. Ultimately, I think there is a massive amount of support at the $200 level underneath, which is the bottom of the overall consolidation. I think we are going to continue to drift a little bit lower, so at this point I’m looking for buying opportunities closer to the $200 level.
I had been transferring between exchanges using the underlying coin I was holding. Today I made two xfers today as a test to an account I had set up, but had not used yet. One transfer was LTC and the other ETC. LTC took 45 minutes, ETC took 6 mins. Both were transferred for the same fee of 0.001 at around 8pm ET. I may use ETC moving forward for xfers to take advantage of arb opptys. Thought you'd be interested in this little comparison in utility @goldbug1
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