Litecoin - Next Bullish Move!

Hello traders!
I can see Litecoin is currently reaccumulating and getting ready for the next bullish move!

Target remains the same: $300

Good luck, Abdulla
Bullish? sure Bullish in next week after Asian market re open from long CNY long Holiday
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Xenn77 Xenn77
@Xenn77, Yay.... Bullish straight to $170 man
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Ah! everyone can be wrong it happens.
I find it kinda odd though to feel super bullish in the middle of a huge downtrend and a possible huge bull trap that seems to be more and more the case lol.
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Xenn77 Giorgioversace
good to know there is a spring
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You are again saying victory too early xD
I know you love Ltc, i also do. I know optimism is healthy and important for humans, but we are in the midst of a bursting bubble downtrend and trading right now is very risky lol.
There are plenty of waves to exploit though.
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JoshuaVanier Giorgioversace
@Giorgioversace, "we are in the midst of a bursting bubble" - don't think this is consensus for where we are
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Giorgioversace JoshuaVanier
When you have a look at the Cryptocurrencies market cap since 1 year, you don't see a bubble pattern? lol
JoshuaVanier Giorgioversace
@Giorgioversace, When I look at specific coins like BTC, I don't see a break of the major trendline, the last retracement did not break the trendline it has been on for a few years.
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