Time for LTC to correct itself

We are done with the extended wave 5 and we should be moving down now to the .618 fib retracement level around $51.
交易進行: We are still on wave 3 of this correction down. I believe wave 3 will drop down to around $59.3 then we will have a wave 4 back up into the $62's and then finish the 5th and final wave down into the $55 - $56.
I was thinking the same, hoping to jump back in around $54-55 before the next leg up. /crossfingers
@NadimDayoub, Its been pushing hard to go up this last hour, but RSI shows that it needs a very long break, so I am still expecting it to break down after this 3 hour run up it just had.
OiaSon, What are your thoughts if it pushes through 65 with strong volume?
@OiaSon, If it goes over $65 then it will most likely push to the $70's before is fully corrects done to the $48's
OiaSon, My thought was that a push through 65 would indicate new buyers have been brought to the table and would possibly indicate higher gains then 75. Thoughts?
@OiaSon, The things is that nothing goes straight up, it needs to correct down before gaining again. We haven't seen a major corrections on LTC since the $50, that means we will either get one now down to the $56 or get a real big one when it hits $70's.
OiaSon, I pulled out on the 27th, felt the trend showed a correction incoming sooner - been happy to see bulls sustaining this long! Thanks for your words as well as your TA. Happy harvesting.
回覆, They said the same thing about BTC and it's just powering along. LTC is in bull mode.
+2 回覆, I guess only time will tell. Until then I believe in my charting analyses and trading abilities, I don't care what people say or don't say about BTC, LTC or any other crypto, I care what the charts show me.
回覆, well your charting is WRONG!
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