LTC, correction and eliot waves

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We succeeded achieving fib level 3.168 , congratulations to all people who went with my chart a few days ago, but it's very unlikely for ltc to go up further and i think correction is coming. The previous correction for ltc was about 25% and we should be expecting a similar one this time again.
Also, as you see in the chart, we may have an eliot wave theory in action, so risking a small portion of your deposit and buying ltc when it corrects now might not be a bad idea. I will provide a more accurate analysis if i see it going that way.
Good luck trading !
評論: The 4th eliot wave is in the middle because if 2.618 support would fail, it would drop to 1.618. So i just put 4th in the middle showing both ways that it can happen
what do you think, up from here?
DreamBlood Buzzligh1year
@Buzzligh1year, should be, if support will hold.
Keep up the good work this is incredibly precise so far. Anyway the market is being pumped so no one really knows if it´s really going to follow "the logic". Thanks again. Keeping an eye on this one.
malice FranciscoPD
@FranciscoPD, Agreed. Pretty obvious based upon the spurts over the last 4 days.
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