Looking forward at LTC's roadmap back to new highs it appears LTC has taken on the same smooth elliot wave , golden ratio, smooth as silk, just like ADA , S curve back up the charts. At this point time is actually healthy for LTC to punch through previous highs to help build up support and volume . Slow building support creates the parabolic curve that keeps a graph healthy for months ( BTC ). To much support at this point would create a spike that can only recover by hitting the bottom again and take forever to do it like ETH. I am curious if events like this just happen or if they're orchestrated, human behavior on a graph that resembles golden ratios and fractals is quite a mind trip when you think about it.
評論: yeah I felt this might be the case. LTC is running long. I now have 3 points of pattern to build a chart on. I'll update tonight
Hey @roaken thanks for your job! Have u got any updated ideas?
How do you get these beautiful Fibonacci lines on your graph @roaken ?
roaken jamesaphoenix
@jamesaphoenix, Double Curve? That tool is located under brushes. They are my new favorite tool as it test the resistance a graph can bend at before correction is needed.
+1 回覆
@roaken, thanks. How are you drawing the straight fib lines too?
Agreed, Very Interesting!!! ; )
+1 回覆
I've been wondering as well the influence of the Fibonacci retracement sequences on these graphs and their oscillations, perhaps these trends tend to occur because of various mathematical principles that govern the laws of the universe which money and finances aren't excluded from.
+3 回覆
so far very accurate sir
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