Litecoin building a base for the future

What a year for $LTCUSD up 11,700%!!!

Litecoin and Charlie Lee get it, they know where crypto is going and see the massive tsunami of users coming in and they're helping build the platforms that will better on-board this tsunami. I'm sure you or someone you know has been stuck for weeks trying to get confirmed with Coinbase Gemni Stamp you name it. There are HUGE bottlenecks.

Charlie knows Litecoin is not something that is going to replace Bitcoin             , but more they work parallel with each other. This is an important thing to distinguish in the crypto space as many alt coins will market themselves as those who will replace Bitcoin             because it is "broken". But for some reason these same people will trade you their alt for bitcoin             on their ICO/crowd fund... Don't you find that odd?

It is hard to imagine more growth from here short-term pushing us past 12,000% growth in a year. Litecoin has a great range to consolidate in and keep this very much a healthy bull cycle. Average in, and get ready for the ride coming in March when I predict Litecoin will be pushing $500USD.
評論: Zoomed in version

評論: Always prepare for the opposite trade. This is what a break from up here would look like;
評論: Impulsive or Corrective is the questions from here.
評論: Charlie Lee stating he sold all his LTC holdings. Ruh Roh
評論: Litecoin prepare your empty bags for the drop :D
評論: Don't ever say Faboose didn't give you a gift for the holidays ;)

評論: Lining up crazy well
評論: Strap in everyone;
So you see a consolidation in that range before the next leg higher? What's your estimated time frame for the consolidation. The one between $50 and $60 was a while
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faboose CryptoKid26
@CryptoKid26, Next leg up should be ~March
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@faboose, Update on this?
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faboose CryptoKid26
@CryptoKid26, These recent moves brought us back above the trend to reclaim it, if we hold the consolidation zone, we should continue to our 500 prediction in March.
I need to learn fib...
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faboose VincentLeBlanc
@VincentLeBlanc, One of the best videos out there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwJ-i5xJz8s&t=3s It's not exciting, you're going to need to watch a few times to full understand it. But the content is really good.
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@faboose, Thanks Faboose - I just saw your old BTC post. I'm impressed and would love to know what you're identifying when you make these predictions :) Any more videos like the one above are more than welcome :)
I don't know how you do it.
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OMG but you were two days off and now I'm REKT!!! J/k. A+ work as usual, Fab.
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dude you rock! ;-) keep it up!! ))
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