Second ABC wave on LTC

Everything in the chart

I think we are in the second ABC wave and all the patterns are very similar

Best of luck
評論: WAOOOO thanks for the trolling guys :) It means im getting good :) LOL

Lets see in few days
評論: Update :)

評論: We reached our first target :)
You are welcome to comment :)
評論: At major support.
Break of this support will take us to 105
Yo all naysayers and critics, this scenario is not far fetched and is based on TA and not guesswork. It really sucks that we are going this low but take the opportunity to do your own research and take advantage of @salmanijaz work and charts if you see that his TA makes sense. take the opportunity!!! Thanks @salmanijaz your TA's are appreciated even when I am not in full agreement. I personally do not think we will go to $45 but I do believe we will hit $105 and bounce back up. but hey, you never know...
@bilo2000, Thanks for your comment and appreciation. Personally speaking I also think 105 will be the target but I can not change the trend and thats what its saying :) Lets see ...
We will know it from ETH also as its following exactly the same pattern and reached the previous low. So keep an eye
to all of you jerks who commented, learn some manners! you don't belong in public if you can't show some respect, you actually don't hav eto comment if your just going to be rude.
good work bro, give the idea you see, not what the herd wants to see. Its better to go against the herd anyway.
@cycler, Thanks :) Appreciate that
cycler salmanijaz
@salmanijaz, yeah I got a bit annoyed at everyone. oops.
@cycler, Dont be ... I am getting used to it now :) LOL
Most of them get around in few days ... :)
cycler cycler
@cycler, my third scenario includes this price, and I have it at 33% odds, The herd can only hold one thing in their collective heads. The herd is where the rich guys make their money.
@cycler, I am not sure that most of them understand the idea also. I know the target zone is very unlikely and 40 $ area is too low. But there is a bearish wave in progress and we should see atleast 105 area.
cycler salmanijaz
@salmanijaz, sure, of course the lower the target the harder it is to reach. but it doesn't make it impossible. we will see soon enough, as this is either the downtrend, or the final reversal. Of course the market can turn on any major fib/support, that's how markets work.
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