$LTC LiteCoin Breakout #LTC #LTCUSD

300% gain in LiteCoin on the horizon
Litecoin could test mid hundreds. Which I will buy back in at that price!
LOL. What a joke. What LTC is showing is the trend that BTC is showing. The only difference between both is that LTC is declining faster.
Why don't you keep your theories to yourself.
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This is hilarious. Unfortunately, it's representative of a lot of the TA of crypto currencies. You couldn't even chart the trend lines correctly. That is literally as easy as drawing a line through two points. That's followed by some scribbles and then arrow that points whichever way you want it to go. I hate that people might actually rely on this.
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The graph you uploaded does not support for this statement. In fact, it supports the opposite conclusion.
BTC is about to break downwards, wouldn't count on it.
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