Litecoin Beginning of Uptrend?

Today’s coin of the day is Litecoin. Price has bounced off our $130 support zone & dynamic support. Last time we were at this price we had some consolidation for 3-4 days, followed by a breakout towards the upside. Although the market is an aggressive downtrend, 2018 may have possibly been reached. If price does not hold at this level expect a drop towards $120 , Stochastic RSI showing us momentum is still bearish . Patiently waiting for a daily close above $140 before taking any entries.

Coin: #LTC
Exchange: Coinbase
Buy Stop: $140
Price Now: $135
#WhaleAgent Targets
TARGET 1 : $157 (+10%)
TARGET 2 : $165 (+17%)
TARGET 3 : $ $182 (35%
SL: <$125>
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