POE Breakout Bounce, Long

BINANCE:POEBTC   Po.et / Bitcoin
Today’s coin is POE , currently testing our weekly dynamic support. Weekly low 404 satoshis, price has retraced about 50 since low was made. Potential double bottom formation expected to form here. Stochastic RSI showing momentum is bearish .

Shifting over to our pattern timeframe we see price has returned to its breakout zone and found support @ 425 satoshis. Stochastic RSI showing momentum has bottomed out. Taking a small position off the bounce of our trendline .

Finally looking over at our trigger timeframe we see price has formed a double bottom . Stochastic RSI showing momentum is heading towards the upside, taking a buy at this level.

Coin: #POE
Exchange: Binance
Buy: 455 satoshis
Target 1: 525 satoshis (+14%)
Target 2: 600 satoshis (+35%)
Target 3: 700 satoshis (+56%)
Target 4: 875 satoshis (+85.12%)
Target 5: 1200 satoshis (+160.14%)
Stoploss: 400 satoshis (-11.83%)

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