Looking at our trend timeframe we can see price has made a retracement down to $8,700 and has slowly been tracing since. Trend has not been broken until we get a close below our black line (Trend was pierced not broken). Stochastic RSI showing momentum is bearish , however price has not yet gave us a confirmation (Indicators rely on price)

Shifting over to our pattern timeframe we see price is looking bearish . As this analysis is being written, our 4hour candle came up to $9,200 and rejected giving us a bearish engulfing . Expecting a drop towards $7,500 if our current support does not hold.

Finally looking over at our trigger timeframe we see a lower high was formed, and should expect a further bearish move. Hourly showing support @ $8.250. Stochastic RSI showing momentum is bearish .

Waiting for a 4hour confirmation of support @ $7,500

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