There Goes All The Money...

Looking at our highest timeframe we see price respecting an ascending triangle . Next stop is 50000, not expecting our 100000 support level to hold. Market is in the middle of a sell off. Stochastic RSI showing momentum is heading towards the downside. Wait for a drop towards 50000, bouncing off our dynamic and horizontal support.

Coin: #CLOAK
Exchange: Bittrex  
Buy Stop: 55000 satoshis 
Price Now: 117700 satoshis 
#WhaleAgent Targets  
TARGET 1 : 100000 (+83%)  
TARGET 2 : 150000(+174%)  
TARGET 3 : 200000(+266%)
TARGET 4 : 230000(+320%)
SL: 45000 satoshis (-18%) 

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