Litecoin preparing for Moon!

4hour chart showing multiple test of support @ $140
Breakout pattern being respected.
An ideal entry would be to wait for price to breakout of triangle before taking a buy.

Coin: #LTC
Exchange: Coinbase:
Buy: $150
Target 1: $160
Target 2: $175
Target 3: $250
Target 4: $500
Target 5: HODL
Stoploss: $120

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Do you have any timeline for when you think LTC may start to move? I just see LTC really lagging as of late and while I have a long term for this coin and am looking for good buying opportunities in it LTC is just not showing much in the way of movement without BTC first leading the way as of late
I like your chart,I couldn't agree with you more.
Follow me.
We can do more discussion,
and you can refer to my publish.
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