NXS Weekly Double Bottom!

BITTREX:NXSBTC   Nexus / Bitcoin
Long Term Perspective
Weekly chart showing us a wammie double bottom has formed bouncing off our trendline , and major support. NXS is getting ready to moon! An entry @ 0.00028200 would be ideal. Stochastic RSI showing momentum is also heading towards the upside. Both price and indicator are showing (W’s) that need to be completed.

A 4hour close above 0.00027000 is our next entry.

Coin: #NXS
Exchange: Bittrex
Buy Stop: 0.00027000
Target 1: 0.00050000
Target 2: 0.00075000
Target 3: 0.00090000
Target 4: 0.00120000
Target 5: HODL
Stoploss: 0.00022000

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Forget the Moon...NXS is going to Pluto.
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