Looking at our trend timeframe we can see momentum has starting heading towards the upside. We have broke and close above our major resistance zone 0.000087000—0.00009400 A daily close above 0.00010450 and our momentum will continue towards the upside, beginning of 2nd wave.

Switching over to our trigger timeframe we can see price went as high as 0.00011000. Followed by a huge rejection towards our support zone (0.00009400). Price could come as low as 0.000087000 (bottom of support zone . Expecting a bounce around 0.00009000

Lastly shifting over to our trigger timeframe we can see minor support has been found on the hourly, expecting a bounce towards 0.00010200. A close above this level and we could see XRP make another wave towards the upside.

Wait for break and close above 0.00010400 4hour for next entry
Aggressive entry NOW off support bounce.

Target 1: 0.00010200
Target 2: 0.00012200
Target 3: 0.00014000


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