Not Missing Out On NEO!

Zoomed Out
Major Resistance 1: $80
Major Resistance 2: $110
Major Resistance 3: $150
Major Resistance 4: $175
Aggressive downtrend line to be tested

Major Support 1: $50
Major Support 2: $30
Bounce off Trend line and Major Support

Looking at our daily up close we can see although we are still in a downtrend market, momentum has shifted towards the upside. A break above the aggressive trendline drawn confirms the end of this bear market according to my analysis. A daily close above $75 should put in consolidation ($80-$75) for a couple of days before a huge breakout $85

Shifting over to our pattern timeframe we can see a bullish flag has formed and we will be seeing a breakout above $75 with a 4hour close.

Finally looking at our trigger timeframe we can see a potential drop towards $70 to find support, and heading towards the top of our flag
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