ARK/BTC, Mooning Soon :)

BITTREX:ARKBTC   Ark / Bitcoin
Price has broken out of bearish channel & tested for support. Higher high and high low pattern formed on daily. Resistance and Support shown w/ red & blue line. If price holds here we have formed our higher low, a break and close above 0.00034125 and we are on track to set a new (HH) on the daily, and activates our trade.

Switching over to our pattern timeframe we price has broken out of the bearish parallel channel and has structured into a bullish parallel channel . A close above 0.00034125 on the 4hour should trigger another leg in this bullish channel .

Finally looking at our trigger timeframe we see a minor resistance @ 0.00033400 a minor support @ 0.00032500. Early entry w/ a close above 0.00033400, looking at our stochastic RSI indicator we see momentum has shifted towards the upside.

Target 1: 0.00040000
Target 2: 0.00050000
Target 3: 0.00060000
Target 4: 0.00075000
Target 5: 0.00100000
Target 6: HODL
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