LONG LTC Star Road

POLONIEX:LTCUSDT   Litecoin / Tether USD
just confirm and pass $52 and close above it open the road to fly passed $46 for $52 not big deal
u can enter now with capital management
target= $52 +64+72
risk=30 %
rewrd = 60 %

we ask Allah reconcile and repay

評論: "Update" 10 Aug
評論: ltc still have bad move say $31 again
評論: as we mention bad move ltc start go down with btc
評論: start bounce at btc and usdt
評論: all thanks to Allah bounced as we update at last time
評論: "notice' i expect next trip will be on LTC
評論: as we analyze and expect didn't pass our trend follow our analysis gained profit all thanks to Allah
交易結束:目標達成: gained 60%
all thanks to Allah
Now target reached, you can make new plan and map for LTC bro?
HamadaMark DarkwolfSE
@DarkwolfSE, Allah willing we will work for update soon
great stuff by LTC... sold most at 73.... it's looking more like p&d at this stage no..?
+1 回覆
yesssssssssss! PRAISE
do you expect drop Hamada? thanks
we need also analysis with BTC
do you reckon ltc/btc keep going down...? good time to short ltc?
@janoslav, last power point

but it's holding well against BTC. even rising during btc's fall.
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