POLONIEX:LTCUSDT   Litecoin / Tether USD
as we see ltc have 60 % double Bottom it supports our analysis when done $67 as first target confirm

we Ask Allah reconcile and repay

Aug 12
評論: bad movements VS BTC OR USDT same bad movements
Aug 13
評論: as we said at last update bad movement it`s will be more bad if btc down and ltc vs btc don`t move :(
Be a trader, not a gambler, and be sure you follow risk/capital management!!

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we ask Allah reconcile and repay



I bought in at 47$. Where do you think this is going?
Please if you can update if you find something new.

Thank you for all your analysis, especially Neo and LTC. You are the first one that i follow on trading view. :)
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@Dubee83, first thank for your kind words and glad to know that
about ltc it should move to $62 $74 but it very late $44 first stop $39 sec and last stop for do this move if u use capital management and trade in it

but if you don`t use capital management u can sell amount from ltc and hold another amount that means make available Balance for trade
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bro update please...
I think the market isnt well aware of LTC and it's advantages over btc yet, it's still in the dark. LTC will moon once it gets the spotlight.
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