Case: can altcoins make new all-time-highs?

BITTREX:LUNBTC   Lunyr / Bitcoin
Here I'm looking at Lunyr. Lunyr is ranked number 226 on Coin Market Cap with a market cap of $37,315,296 USD or 2699 BTC . I consider everything below 50 million USD small cap. Coins like these are the most probable to do another 10x, but for bigger alts, I don't think that's possible anymore. In the next post I'll explain why. (1/2)
can you tell me what mod your doing to the fib indicator tool so i can make a cleaner one when i put it on my own charts. the stock one is way to colorful.
Scyripto Dribblej
@Dribblej, yeah I just delete the background color (make it fully transparent)
Lunyr (LUN) is one of my favorite coins for 2018

- low market cap
- low supply
- available on Bittrex and Binance

Lunyr is an ethereum based decentralized world knowledge rewarding its users with tokens for peer reviewing and contributing information.
The ultimate goal is develop a knowledge base API that developers can use to create next generation DApps.

It is highly undervalued and could replace the 25 billions dollars giant wikipedia.

Enjoy the returns and stay tuned

As always, be safe and smart with your investments, use stop losses, and stick to your investment strategy! Evaluate Risk vs. Reward carefully, and don't treat a trend line like it's "the law"!
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