Decentraland? New Highs I See

BITTREX:MANABTC   Decentraland / Bitcoin
Heard of this coin maybe once because I saw that it gained a lot weeks ago. Literally know nothing about this coin. But my indicators tell me a lot. I literally JUST noticed what was going on here. Was reluctant to release this one publicly but I'm feeling more confident. I bought at around 588 satoshi when I noticed and have been laddering buys since.

This thing is about to BREAK. And don't feel to pressured to buy in just yet. I don't feel a lot of pressure for it to bounce up right now. A true hard off of the 55 is still possible. I don't know how high it will get just yet, there may be a possible false break out. So watch the volume! But it's going up soon. Look at what the chart describes. Just by eye balling it, I think we are on course for a subwave 5 and we finished 3. But if this thing breaks with volume I will update on a wave count and give specific targets.

I noticed the lack of volume and nice little descending triangle with a good support line at the 55 EMA . I don't think it will go under the 3hr 55 EMA until after this next outbreak occurs. I'm feeling very positive about this.

Good luck!
交易進行: Volume rising on incline and declining on declines. Feeling better and better about this guys. Trade is active. But don't buy in here just yet if you haven't already. Wait it out and see where it goes. If It hits my wave 2 micro-wave target I will update and let you all know this is a legit break out.
評論: Well I'll say this. I think this breakout is legit. Nothing tells me otherwise. If you want to play short term I'd like an entry level of 620-640 Sat. HOWWWWEVER, I say Bitcoin has less than 24 hours before it starts its next wave. Not sure how impulsive the next wave will be, but money will be transferred (maybe more new money to come in because of CME futures monday), so its likely alts will suffer again. I will probably target 620 or lower to add in some extra on this run and just sit the rest on the sidelines until we see what happens with Bitcoin.
評論: Literally go to sleep for 5 hours and Bitcoin takes off haha. Well, here's the chance to get cheap MANA.

Alright, looks like this channel is going to match up well with Bitcoin's primary wave 3 up to around $20k

I expect it to retest the resistance and fall back to the support line. Good buy-ins in my opinion will ride along this lower support. But it's not going anywhere until Bitcoin is done. And yes, Alts will see blood when Bitcoin corrects, again. Longer-term (1 week) I still think this coin will ZOOM.

Hold UR HORSES. I'm seeing signs of a freaking rocket. There is a possible 5 wave confirmation from a C correction wave. We are getting bullish divergence and there seems to be a very small accumulation phase going on. It has spent "enough" time under the 55 EMA all while Bitcoin is losing juice.

IF this thing starts to take off and does NOT retest this new support line, then I think we are on our way for wave 1 and it's up from here.

I call this scenario 2.
評論: Coming from the Bahamas to you all. Just noticed today that we broke resistance. We are currently having a healthy correction, and NOW would be a good buy in or re-entry time that I would probably buy in. Sub-610 Sat with a stop loss at the beginning of this run. Looks like we're going up from here. I'll give an update on targets when I get time tonight, otherwise I'm just holding my position and watching my money grow! :D

Still really really pissing me off that this thing is not in USD on here. If anyone can find this chart in USD please let me know. I say this, because this thing has been fighting off the BITCOIN bug and has kept its value regardless of Bitcoin tanking. So if you entered in at sub 550 Sat, you really haven't lost anything, nor have you gained much.

So, that being said, I think we're on track of 1200 Satoshi. I don't know how much value added this will be, because I still see Bitcoin correcting for much longer. But with that being almost a 200% gain, there's no way in hell Bitcoin can retrace more than 100%. So expect at least 100% gain here if it hits 1200.

All I did here was a fib extension from the very first impulse wave and its descent. We've already hit nearly a 1:1, so I'll look for us to come short of a 1:1.618. SOS I NEED DOLLAR VALUE

I'm waiting for entry after Bitcoin hits double bottom. Entry should be somewhere along the lines of the bottom support. Probably couldn't go wrong with entry right now.

Long term I probably won't own this coin. I don't like coins with bad names. If the name sounds unprofessional I probably will stay away from it. That's all of the fundamental analysis you'll get from me.
手動結束交易: This may take a drop soon. But I need to see the dollar value to actually give a good, reliable target. For now, I am out, I may re-enter here soon.
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