My List 30 Cryptocurrencies in 2018

BINANCE:MANABTC   Decentraland / Bitcoin
Bitcoin ( BTC )
Yes! The oldest cryptocurrency with 9 years live in the dark. Even such a long time, people may not know there is something called Bitcoin is exists.
Until the beginning of 2017, We can see that more and more people are interested in Bitcoin , The People's demand pushed the price move higher ( About 2000% end of 2018 ) but that not everything, there are more factors that made Bitcoin's valuable.
Bitcoin have the advantages of the most popular and the very limited supply of coins with can be mined via specific mining hardwares and these hardwares are very expensive. Beside, Bitcoin's difficulty is extremely huge that can't be mined by the individual mining hardware. A lot of investment institutions accepted Bitcoin . These little things can show you that it is very hard to own it. The more difficulty Bitcoin gets, the more valuable Bitcoin is. and others factor...
But if you are looking for a high return cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is not a good choice for you.

Bitcoin Cash ( BCH )
Is a forked of original Bitcoin with some better changes, this cryptocurrency may be familiar with miners and Bitcoin owners who can clamed it. Include Value's factors of Bitcoin , Bitcoin Cash seem like move faster than his brother. Appeared in middle of 2017, Bitcoin Cash increased about 4000% in 4 months show us the attention of investors in this coin and this still not end yet. Is the Bitcoin's improvement, Bitcoin Cash have more possibility to catch his Brother's price and further.

Bitcoin Gold ( BTG )
I like the idea "make Bitcoin mining decentralized again" by changing mining algorithm.
At the moment, that maybe the reason made Bitcoin Gold undervalued but more room to run.

Dash ( DASH )
Act as a Digital Cash like Bitcoin but focus on privacy and more advantages. Dash also have Value's factors like limited supply and using physical hardwares same with other minable coins.
At the present, just half of max supply has mined and price have more chance to move higher.

Ethereum ( ETH )
This is open-source platform. A lot of Tokens out there based on Ethereum .
Also have what i caled Value's factors.
Ethereum usually used to be the main currency for joining ICOs.

Zcash ( ZEC )
I love privacy and anonymity.
Can also be mined.

Monero ( XMR )
Maybe a bit more privacy than Zcash.
Just love to own everything i have and i dont want to give it to stranger's hand.
Be my owned bank.

Litecoin ( LTC )
Faster transaction.
Also have value's factors but Litecoin's team maybe less activities.
Still can hold it for long-term.

Verge ( XVG )
This cryptocurrency focus on secure, anonymous and privacy.
Can be mined but I have a probem with this Max supply ( I would say that too much, it could affect a lot to the price ).
Appeared in the market for a long time but Verge's price is low seem like undervalued.

Cardano ( ADA )
Aims to become an advanced smart contract platform.
May become more powerful than Ethereum .
Low price more potentials coin.

Like Ethereum but more potentials.
Low price.

DigiByte ( DGB )
Faster than Bitcoin . Same others Digital Cash.
Have the Value's factors.
At the moment, We have potentials with the low price.
評論: Ripple ( XRP )
Is a company developing real-time payments network for banks and other institutions.
About the price of Ripple, we can see some movement in the middle of 2017.
Besides the real-time transaction ( Time Is Money, right? ), i dont see that individuals can benefits from Ripple instead of banks and institutions.
I have big problem with the max supply is 100 Billion.
Dont have any value's factors like the other coins.
No privacy, no anonymous.
I personally don't like this as much but still put it in my portfolio.

Stellar ( XLM )
Almost like Ripple but Decentralized.
Also low price. Good opportunities.

Status ( SNT )
This is an application allow you to anonymously send and receive messages and cryptocurrency.
Cool right? The world need more privacy instead of scaring someone reading your conversations in the dark...

Considered 2nd cryptocurrency.
Like Ethereum, there are some tokens based on NXT. ( POE )
This is such a good coin, i love the idea of the coin.
Bring a huge value for individual online users.

Enjin Coin ( ENJ )
The Smart cryptocurrency for gaming developed by Enjin
Also owned a very big comunity of gamers.
You can earn while playing games.
The young coin and very potential for long run.

Reddcoin ( RDD )
Such a good thing for those who like using social media networks.
Bring the real value.

Cindicator ( CND )
Open-ecosystem. . .very cool application.
This maybe the future of the financial market.
Professional website and developing team.

Decentraland ( MANA )
Virtual reality platform.
If you are working in CG Industry, you should check this out.
Really good platform bring real value and a good opportunity for investors.

Voxels ( VOX )
Almost the same Decentraland.

Siacoin ( SC )
Decentralized cloud storage with some advantages to keep your data away safe.

Basic Attention Token ( BAT )
Blockchain digital marketing.

GridCoin ( GRC )
A very meaningful project.
Use the processing power for purposes of scientific research.

Funfair ( FUN )
A Decentralized casino.

Monacoin ( MONA )
This known as the first cryptocurrency of Japan ( Like Dogecoin )

Metal ( MTL )
Transfer money with your phone number.
Earn rewards when you spend and purchase.
Best way to safe more when you make purchase?
評論: IOTA ( MIOTA )
A another type of Blockchain.
The payment for Internet of Things.
I will give this a chance.

The global entertainment system based on blockchain technology.
Let's see how it's going.
評論: If you have something to share or something i should know. Please comment below.
I glad to hear. Thanks :)
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