Ready for take-off: Monaco Coin

Monaco coin has been consolidating since early December. This coin has a very low market capitalisation and will likely experience the institutional pump very soon. The past few days has presented a "Crypto slump" where most cryptocurrencies have experienced some extreme corrections from all-time highs. The last 24 hours presented large-cap cryptocurrencies down 20% or more. Alternative cryptocurrencies across the board were affected, although Monaco coin weathered the storm relatively unscathed.

This coin has the potential to triple in value within the coming months.
Top rated trade.
評論: Breakout Alert!

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Is this trade still active in spite of breaking the support line?
Meant to be a :) ! Cant delete comments. :)
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GrantPeace Rick_James
Is the fact that is ran up to $19.50 then pulled right back to $17.70 a concern for its short term prospects regarding the charts?
jonnyfram Joshocrypto
@Joshocrypto, nothing ever goes up in a straight line, at least for very long.
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GrantPeace jonnyfram
@jonnyfram, Supply test. Resistance to become support.
I have just entered at 13, still a long way to go! Thanks Grant
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GrantPeace Rick_James
@Rick_James, Absolutely! No worries :)
nice.. stay on track
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