Monaco VS Bitcoin Breakout

BITTREX:MCOBTC   Crypto.com / Bitcoin
Monaco coin has found the support at 57k satoshis and went sharply up towards 165k. The uptrend failed to continue and the price went all the way down to 57k satoshis area. The consolidation continued, but today Monaco finally broke above the downtrend trendline suggesting the beginning of an uptrend.

Fibonacci applied to the corrective waved down after both downtrend trendline breakouts suggest the potential upside target at 20k satoshis area, that is almost 100% growth from the current price.

On a downside, break and close below the 57k satoshis should invalidate bullish outlook and extend the consolidation.
評論: Monaco going up as expected, target expected to be reached shortly
It's going down.....any idea?
@BAHUBALI001, its not
When would you recommend buying ?
HiTech MuMPiTz
@MuMPiTz, can't tell you were to buy, but the trend seems to be bullish now
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kulie HiTech
@HiTech, what are the potential long term targets? do u see a chance to break previous ATH of August and go for a new one?
HiTech kulie
@kulie, if my upside target is broken then yes, otherwise could continue range for another month or two
kulie HiTech
@HiTech, looks like another leg up has started
The 20/20 money start tomorrow and monaco is sponsoring the event... great news are comming for monaco, i beleave
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