Mercury [MERBTC] Ascending Channel

BITTREX:MERBTC   Mercury / Bitcoin
Price moving in Ascending Channel ,
Its good to enter on lower yellow, and sell on upper yellow channel.

Entry: 5600
Taget 1: 7750
Target 2: 8600
交易進行: profit target 50%
手動結束交易: Price broke channel down. It could be a sign of downtrend. My buy was at 5700, sold now at 5000.

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Beautiful swings on this one. It was a good ride. Off to surf the next one.
Forecast in force?
Update please.
Thank you.
+3 回覆
Any update? Mercury took a pretty hard blow from the FUD...
+2 回覆
@DALM Its still fine. Every coins took a hit from FUD of fake news "crypto exchange banning in South Korea" then bouced back to normal level.
I invested more in MER with the dips (0.000035 BTC) => 30% profit already
still fine?
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Ironiaaa Woolhead
@Woolhead, waiting for the same. dropped below the line and what've been support line became a line to break now...
The chart looks very good, touched the bottom today. I'm in!
@a.shevelev002 Thanks you very much for your TA
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