MOD/BTC – Modum = momentum. Trade possibility.

In tandem with the overall crypto market, Modum has been crushed as well – losing over 70% of its value. On March 20, we broke out of the downward trend channel that started at the top beginning of January. That was a nice buying moment – albeit I didn’t write about it (can’t be writing all the time can we :-) )

Nevertheless, the new upward trend channel provides some trading opportunities, and in the meanwhile, we just need to keep an eye out on trend reversals.

When we zoom in on the graph, we see a nice upward trend channel with up-and down spikes in nice triangle formations. They are always accompanied by a bullish cross in the MACD and in the Chande Momentum Oscillator . Given that we are back at the down part of the trend channel and that we are closing in on a new MACD bull cross, we are likely getting ready for another run up.

Place your targets near the Fibonacci lines drawn and cover your position.

Fibonacci levels (we’re currently at the 2967 or 38,2% level):
- 2851 sat (23,6%)
- 2967 sat (38,2%)
- 3016 sat (50% level)
- 3154 sat (61,8%)
- 3287 sat (78,6%)

Obviously, we absolutely want to have a stop loss for when we would break out of the trend channel, so place those accordingly.

Notice that there is a lot of remaining upward potential apart from the shorter term targets mentioned here. Moreover, we are getting closer to a triangle formation with the support line of the current trend channel as a base!

Zoom out of graph for more targets:

Triangle formation on the channel support:

Place your targets near the upper Fibonacci horizontals, cover your losses near the lower Fibo's and there where the trend would be broken.
Or just go up with it as long as the trend is friendly!

PS: not to be considered as formal trading advice, DYOR
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評論: Just a scenario :-P

it will move with BTC, like every coin does :(
BTC looking bad atm
A_Cryptastic_Mind RobProesmans
@RobProesmans, you should check ONT in that case :-D
RobProesmans A_Cryptastic_Mind
@A_Cryptastic_Mind, yeah maybe. I stopped trading in this Bear market, i'm getting REKT too often. It's just too hard to predict what the whales will do
RobProesmans RobProesmans
@RobProesmans, I like your charts never the less :)
A_Cryptastic_Mind RobProesmans
@RobProesmans, haha thx, & good luck anyhow!
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